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Call4Mail Email by Phone Service

Access and manage your email account from any phone! Call4Mail is an email to phone, interactive voice-messaging service. Your email messages will be converted to synthesized natural human speech and delivered to you by phone. To use this service, you will be prompted with a brief list of options. Then you may browse or skip email messages, have them read to you, or record a reply that will be converted to a voice file and sent back as an email.

BizSchedule is sophisticated B2B voice web solution for planning corporate events and delivering information to your clients. This is a powerful and flexible web based scheduling service that can be easily customized for use in Education, Entertainment and Transportation Industries.
By using cutting edge speech recognition technology, BizSchedule provides the same functionality for your clients by phone and online.

Instant Open House

This interactive service will provide real estate customers with selling property information by selecting a particular property extension. Clients can access any property information by dialing an access phone number + property extension. All information is typed by an agent as text will be synthesized as human speech and delivered to your client 24/7. A number of advanced options can be provided by this service, including call transfer to any phone number, arrange appointment to see a particular property, perform a search from a property list.


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