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Voice & Web Solutions
  Integrated VoiceWeb Solutions

HotWeb Technology Inc. has extensive experience with both telephony and web application development. With a custom approach to each business case, we offer our clients a complete solution with a number of benefits:

  • Complex approach to your business process. By deploying single solution you will receive complete set of features of IVR system and web infrastructure. 
  • The low risk, low cost telephony solution. No hardware to buy. We offer our customers remotely hosted telephony facilities based on per minute or per phone line access. This approach opens up opportunity to use IVR based services for medium and small businesses.
  • Fast and proven ROI. No upfront infrastructure investment and savings of more than 50% on application development.
  • Improve business efficiency, increase revenues and delivery high level of customer service. Integrated voice web solutions customized for your business will deliver information about your business, service or products 24/7 without live support. Your clients can use the interactive self service to access your data any time anywhere and conduct transactions, request information, placing orders or making payments on your web site or via voice activated phone service using any phone. 
  • Leverage your existing Internet investments. If you already have an existing web solution for your business, consider to move it one step ahead. We can utilise your existing back end to create a telephony interface for your business.
  • Innovative Speech Technology. Voice activated phone solutions are humanizing communications in a way IVR never could. 
    • Automated speech recognition (ASR) engine empowers your customers to talk to your data. ASR is no longer speaker-dependant; users can make purchases and payments by using their voice. 
    • Text to Speech (TTS) natural voice synthesis. Any text data (like your products or customers data base) will be synthesized as human speech and delivered to your client over the phone. HotWeb Technology Inc. uses a high quality TTS engine of leading telecom providers like AT&T, Bell and Scansoft.
  • Open standard Web infrastructure. Integrated voice web solutions opens up new opportunities for businesses to combine services such as SMS, WAP, Web, E-commerce and provides integration with any existing application, web site or database.

Our Integrated Voice Web Solutions powered by VoiceXML technology, a new standard with significant IVR industry backing. A growing number of carriers and corporations around the world use VoiceXML for customer care and enhanced service applications.


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