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Voice & Web Solutions
  Integrated VoiceWeb Solutions
  • Scalable telecom services for medium and small businesses
  • Innovative Speech Technology
    • Speech recognition
    • Text to Speech (TTS) natural voice synthesis
  • Integrated approach to IVR system and web infrastructure
  • Affordable IVR Platform or IVR hosting service


Today, most companies greet their customers with pre-recorded menu options to quickly route them to the information or service they are looking for. In fact, callers frequently get the information they need without ever speaking to a human being. This is made possible with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. Traditional IVR applications have been deployed in large scale enterprises for some time, but they’ve faced limitations, including vendor dependence and high costs for hardware and application development.

HotWeb Technology Inc. specializes in creating and delivering Integrated Voice Web Solutions based on the voice activated interactive phone services, speech recognition and integration with internet business solutions. (A good sample of voice activated system is Bell Canada 411 service)

We offer our clients complete IVR & web solution with a number of benefits to improve your business efficiency, create higher levels of customer service and increase revenues.


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